Story of MIT Blackjack Team

This famous group is consists of an Arithmetic lecturer and 6 genius students that earned millions of money from different casinos. Their main objective is to beat different casinos and get jackpot in diverse games that require mathematical skills.

At first, it started as a school club where student gathered to practice their skill in card games. This simple club was organized to give students time to have fun after school. However, this club evolved into something serious. This team organized a secretive scheme composed of mock-ups and they roam around classrooms, apartments, warehouses all over Boston to practice their scheme. Right before the group go into a real casino each member of the team has undergone rigorous training within a replicated gaming club circumstances. And take a look at the new Unibet Bonus, just for you.

Card Counting as the Ultimate Weapon to Beat the Casino

The group already mastered the art of card counting. This is actually the core of their scheme because they have proven that it is the key for winning huge amount of money inside every casino in Las Vegas. They apply it in the game of Blackjack wherein skill, purpose and self-control in required for each member. Many casinos are aware that blackjack game is very vulnerable to genius players and these players have huge gamble of winning. This is why huge casinos ban big winner, threaten and harass them to discourage them to play.

Casinos know that it only takes single or double errors to bring this winning system; they allow the counting of cards for this genius MIT students beat them. Casinos make use of human frailties like inadequate amount of discipline, self-control and lots of distractions to turn advantage into the house. MIT utilize the counting of cards and their main foundation, but there are other tools that made them win and they are not just using outdated counting of cards system.  

Aside from mastering card counting, they also make themselves aware of what is happening inside a real casino. They make use of the high and low system that is based in an arithmetical possibility of getting higher or lower cards. They also add some additional technique in cutting cards. They traveled together in different casinos in the United States using fake identities to avoid being caught and banned in casinos.

Achievements of MIT

They reign in different casinos during 1990s and they became legendary when they win $400,000 in Las Vegas. The technology used in different casino back then is not enough to beat this MIT genius. Once the casino finds out the identity of the counter of the card, then they will make sure that his or her game at the table will be very scary and risky. It was in 1990 when technology inside casinos already matured and the new quickly spread across different casinos in Las Vegas about these card counters. Once the card counter was detected in a casino, then it will be impossible for them to play to other casino without being caught. Sadly the group was caught using low tech system and they have been banned in casinos all over the United States.