Online Payment Methods You Should Know About

Online Payment Methods You Should Know About



Click2Pay refers to a free payment method on the internet that gets funded through credit cards or direct debits from bank accounts. With it, you can pay for things from practically anywhere with a login code. It is completely free of charge and very easy to use.


NETeller refers to a payment transfer service of casino online, with which it is possible to deposit money into accounts to use for online purchases. NETeller accounts can be funded through credit cards, InstaCash or wire transfers in a simple, quick, and very safe way.


FirePay accounts refer to electronic accounts that can be filled up with funds from various sources in a safe manner. Such sources would include electronic checks, Visa and MasterCard, all of which can be redeemed at a lot of websites. FirePay is similar to debit cards online, wherein you can determine how much you want to put into your account. Then, you can pay with FirePay online without letting your personal details be shown – an easy, private, and safe method.


PrePaidATM refers to a money transfer service online that works like a money transfer card, ATM card, and debit card all rolled into one. Just deposit some money into your account (you will already have some casino bonuses there) through credit cards, electronic checks, card-to-card transfers or bank wires and you can start to make any type of online purchase that you’d like. Do take note, though, that this is only available to residents in the U.S.A.

Gaming Card

Gaming Card refers to an exclusive payment account online made to make sure that online payments are completely hassle-free for certain groups of VIP online gaming customers. A number of funding options are available for it, such as credit cards, ATM account transfers, Western Union and wire transfers. There is no need to wait for checks anymore either as cash-ins are deposited into accounts directly for easy withdrawals at an ATM. These accounts are only available by invitation, though.

Wire Transfer

There is no need to open accounts with middlemen when it comes to wire transfers and several casinos online will even reward each deposit that you make through additional bonuses. Take note, though, that several casinos only accept deposits through wire transfer in American dollars only and that it could take up to five days for your bonus and amount to show up in your personal account.. During each transfer, you will have to provide your personal player code and account details.

Bank Draft

Like personal checks, bank drafts are directly made for deposit to online casinos. Upon receipt, such bank drafts usually take around ten days for clearance; personal checks usually take three weeks to do so.

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