How to Play Online Keno

How to Play Online Keno

Learning how to play online keno is easy. As its official rules state, keno – whether online or live – needs to be played on a card field with eighty numbers. To start playing, you have to choose numbers, or spots, on this field that you want to place bets on and wait for draws to take place. If you pick more numbers, you will have a bigger prize to win in the end. However, conversely, picking a lot of numbers makes it more difficult to win, too. When playing keno online, all of this is naturally done electronically, but in live games of keno, draws are done in an old-fashioned manner with numbered balls that get sucked into tubes one by one; free casinos provide their visitors with online keno without any problems.

Standard Bets

If you wish to learn how to play online keno the right way, you need to understand all of the different bets that exist out there since these bets can be found regardless where you choose to play keno.

Straight Tickets

Whenever you choose to play straight tickets, you need to choose numbers on the keno card that you want to play and wait for draws. Usually, you will get to bet on up to fifteen numbers, though several casinos will let you bet up to forty spots on straight tickets.

Combination Tickets

With combination tickets, straight bet groups are combined on a single ticket in various ways. Every possible combination is going to cost you a unit bet.

Split Tickets

Whenever split tickets are played, you will play several games on a single online keno card. You will pick grow number groups and separate them with either in or circles.

Way Tickets

When way tickets are played, you will bet on various number groups on a single keno card. This happens to be the most complicated keno bet out there. To start off with, you need to choose the amount of number combinations you wish to place bets on from the number groups you chose. Then, you need to compute your bets according to fractions placed on the right side of the field. To learn how much your bet costs, add numerators. If this is too confusing, move on.

King Tickets

In online keno, this would refer toe a mere variation to way tickets, with the difference of selecting various king numbers, which get circled alone and groups that get circled together.

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